Pipe bursting is one of the techniques corresponding to the trenchless sewer repair and replacement technology. It involves the use of technology backed tools that are designed to break open an existing drain pipe and replace it with a new one. It is specifically considered a suitable technique for pipe replacement in scenarios where both ends of the installed pipe can be easily exposed.

While the implementation of this technique requires no substantial amount of digging, small holes may be created at ends where the pipes need to be exposed. It is then, through these ends that the old pipe is broken and a new one is pulled in its place.

At Salt Lake City Trenchless Co., we have a specialized team dedicated to proficiently completing all tasks that require pipe bursting. Being one of the core areas of our services, we have developed expertise in pipe bursting and deliver excellent services in this regard, to the commercial and the domestic sector, in Salt Lake City, Utah. We have access to modern tools and equipment that add accuracy to our pipe bursting solutions, ensuring your long-term convenience.

Additionally, we give due emphasis to the quality of the pipe we use to replace your older, damaged pipe with. All our pipes, used for pipe bursting, are sourced out from leading manufacturers and are designed to resist clogging and root intrusion. These are also durable, that can last long. This coupled with the fact the pipe bursting itself leads to solutions that have a life expectancy of over 100 years, at Salt Lake City Trenchless Co., we are equipped to deliver solutions that are virtually a one-time investment.

Why Opt for Pipe Bursting Services by Salt Lake City Trenchless Co.?

We strive to make all our services of utmost advantage to you. Our pipe bursting services are conceived and delivered to provide valuable support and optimum convenience. As one of the core areas of our service suite, our pipe bursting solutions offer:

  • Durability
  • Long-term results
  • Optimum convenience
  • Damage prevention and control
  • Preservation of the esthetic structure of your architecture
  • Long-term warranty
  • Cost saving

Rest assured, we handle all our pipe bursting endeavors with extreme care and consider all safety and environmental provisions during the implementation of the technique on your site. Aiming to deliver excellence, we give topmost priority to your convenience and comfort, causing minimal to no disruption as our experts solve your problems.

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